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Micro Centro de Estudos em Projeções | Micro Center for Studies in Projections - MCEP

2016/2017. MCEP is a phantasmatic institution intended for the research, collection, collaboration and experimentation of the universe of projections. Working since 2016, the MCEP was created and is held by the artist Maura Grimaldi.


Marginália - Terremoto magazine


2017, Junho. Ocupação virtual pelo MCEP nas mídias socias da revista mexicana Terremoto.


For Marginalia #25, MCEP edits a sequence of images from the materials of its archives. Rescuing part of the memory of Brazilian education throughout the 20th century, the presented frames were extracted from the so-called diafilmes.

After being invited to participate in the project Marginalia #25 from the online Mexican magazine Terremeto, the artist Maura Grimaldi proposed the participation of the Micro Center for Studies in Projections. At the time a sequence of images was planned, which would be published daily for a month, on the magazine's digital platforms.


For that, the MCEP made use of the diafilmes- 135mm positive films used in schools - created by the Instituto Nacional de Cinema Educativo – INCE (National Institute of Educational Cinema. Among the numerous thematic titles and images, those that were referred to the idea of projection were selected and could establish a dialogue and a sequence when viewed together..


Photos: Documentation on the social media page of the Terremoto. June, 2017.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-29 at 23.31.17


PIMASP + Janina Mcquoid: 12horas de caminhada

2017, June. Collaboration with the Brazilian artist Janina Mcquoid in the ocassion of “12 horas de caminhada“* - PIMASP.

"12 hours of walking" was the conclusion event of the Independent Program of the Museum of Art from São Paulo - PIMASP, guided by curators Adriano Pedrosa and Tobi Maier. This program provided a critical laboratory for 12 participants, between researchers and artists, for one year within the MASP.

Some partnerships have emerged from the process, among them Janina Mccquid, Maura Grimaldi and the researcher Julia Coelho have worked together.

For this event, Janina proposed the exhibition of part of the SlideLibrarie collection of the Art Institute of Chicago that had been discarded by the institution. Meanwhile, the artist Maura Grimaldi proposed that the Micro Center for Projection Studies collaborate through all the assistance, technical support and collaboration in the selection and edition of the images.

* Public event occurred on June 3, 2017 in São Paulo.




Carlos Monroy at VERBO 2017 | Galeria Vermelho

2017, July. Collaboration with the Colombian artist Carlos Monroy at "Re-Formando a Fé: 33 Reformances invisíveis"  in the ocassion of VERBO 2017, at Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil.


The MCEP signed one of the texts given to the artist for his performance.




Maya Luxemburg at Galeria Millan

2017, March. Collaboration with the Brazilian artist Maya Luxemburg during the collective exhibition "Retratos", curated by Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa, at Galeria Millan, São Paulo, Brazil.

MCPE appears in this project as descriptive title of the work.


The Fall

2016/2017. Polyptych. Photographs and intervention in the newspaper: O Estado de Minas (MG, Brazil). Dimensions variable.

The Fall comes from an intervention in the newspaper O Estado de Minas that has circulation in the Brazilian region. The column was originally dedicated to present artist profiles, however, after negotiating with the publisher responsible for the column, the artist proposed the publication of a fake interview. The dialogue tells the story of the fall from a rock combined with an old photography from the artist’s file. The text was written and published in the year 2016.

Photos: Documentation of the work in the exhibition’s space - Galeria Zipper, São Paulo, Brazil.

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