The work appearing in your memory is not mine

2018. Solo exhibition. Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, Brazil. August 11 to September 6, 2018.


The work appearing in your memory is not mine brings together objects, projections, photographs and interventions in the gallery, seeking to articulate the discussions around the conception of image, in the psychic and retinal scope, to relate to the materiality of analogue media and films.


The interest in the history, uses and functions of optical devices as well as the vocabulary related to them, served as a catalyst for the development of these projects.


The title of the exhibition refers to an exchange of emails with another artist who, when consulted about a specific work supposedly of her authorship, answered: “First of all I think I will have to disappoint you, the work appearing in your memory is not mine”.


Making use of fiction and scientific theories of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the exhibition discussed issues related to hypnosis, mesmerism and influence, to reflect on our perception of different mechanisms of apparition.


In the presentation text of the exhibition, the researcher and curator Julia Coelho notes: “it is a question of translating, of making the passage, of incorporating. They are objects that become projected images, projected images that become photographs, photographs that become shirt stamps, stamps that become tissue fragments. A visual idea that becomes a musical idea. A therapeutic and magnetic force that, out of medical offices, reappears in movie theaters.”




The work appearing in your memory is not mine

2018. Poster and text for film and exhibition. In collaboration with Julia Coelho.

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The work appearing in your memory is not mine

2018. Frames of the movie recorded from 16mm color film.