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2012-2013. Photographic diptych from 120mm film. Each 50cm x 50cm.

03/12;03/13 is an answer to the proposition of the art critic and researcher Paul Miyada made from the following sentence: "Everyone knows that our cities and bodies were made to be destroyed." It was with this sentence, paraphrase of the verse "everybody knows that our cities were built to be destroyed" from the song “Maria Bethania”, launched by Caetano Veloso in 1971, that the curator Miyada would organize his exhibition and photo-book with the same title. According Miyada "three motivations are attached in this verse: to emphasize the double movement of apology and criticism of Brazilian cities present in the song, to provoke the current reflection on the destiny of our cities and our lives, to evoke recurrent aspects of photography as the interest in occupation of space and sensitivity to the passage of time. Was trying to establish a relationship that considered such issues, but at the same time respected and fell within my process, that 03/12;03/13 was presented. This diptych documents the same location with a temporal difference of one year. While the first image takes on a more clear description of the destruction through photographic representation of a demolition, the second frame appears to subvert the human logic of domination and control over the landscape and features the return of the local vegetation.

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