Ronda - Part 1

2014/2015. Co-authored project with Flora Leite. To build a lighthouse and take it to the mountain.

Ronda - Part 1 is a co-authored project with Flora Leite. In this work, the nautical structure of a lighthouse was moved to the mountains in the countryside of Minas Gerais. After designed and built a portable, automatic and mobile three-dimensional piece, it was taken successive times to Selado’s Peak - border of Minas Gerais with São Paulo (Brazil). During six months the artists spent nights working/playing with the lighthouse in about 5 different expeditions. The interest in the lighthouse lies in the fact that it is something able to contemplate both universes of optical instruments with its projection apparatus (mirror, lights and lenses) as the symbolic dimension of this device used to guide ships to land safely.

From this small saga arose a series of works: photos, videos, texts, drawings and objects. Among them, this photographic essay in black and white made from negative 120mm, which sought simultaneously register and create a memory about the project, while it gained plastic autonomy itself.

Photos from 120mm by Maura Grimaldi.



Exhibition: Ronda - Part 1


2015, August: Exhibition documentation. Casa Tomada, São Paulo, Brazil

Ronda- Part 1​. VÍDEO 1B

2014/2015. Co-authored project with Flora Leite. Video 1B. 12min. ~350 x190 cm

Held from the project Ronda - Part 1 (build a lighthouse and take it to the mountain), the work 1B is a video that projects a sequence of different movements of the lighthouse. The soundtrack is divided into two tracks: one is the direct sound recorded with the lighthouse in the woods, and the other is an instrumental track from brief chords coinciding with the time set by the rotation of the lighthouse.