2010-2012. Photographic series from 120mm color film. 6cm x 6cm each. C-Print.


Corners includes more than 70 frames held overnight in the city of Sao Paulo. Result of work that has been developed since 2010, this essay was designed entirely in the medium format photographic films. All copies, size 6cm x 6cm, departing from analogical processes. A work that arises in two ways of interpretation; by one side reiterates the subject, by the other presents nuances and particularities frame by frame, whether it concerns a certain emptying and extinguishes the human figure, reveals an affective collection that is not decouples from the subjective condition.  And it is precisely facing two directions where it is located a corner. The corner is the meeting of two roads that open one to another. It is also the moment from happening available to the street, where it is located the greater range of pedestrian visibility that circulates, second only to the squares and plazas.



Exhibitions documentation.

Photos 1-3:

2012, “I Mostra do Programa de Fotografia 2012/2013- Coletiva”, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil.


Photos 4-6:

2012, “Esquinas”. Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo – MAC/USP, São Paulo, Brazil.

Photos 7-9:

2015, Galeria da Faculdade de Artes Visuais da UFG, Goiânia, Brazil.