PIMASP 2016/2017

2017. Printed publication. São Paulo: MASP, 2017. 112 p., il..

Participation in the publication Independent Program of the São Paulo Museum of Art: PIMASP with a graphic piece signed by Micro Center for Studies in Projections - MCEP and the text "Eu qui fiz! Linda almofada capitone pneu" co-authored with Julia Coelho.


Diafilmes - Micro Centro de Estudos em Projeções

2016. Typography and Risography. Printing on pollen paper. 22x10cm (closed format).

Booklets based on those produced by the ICNE (National Institute of Educational Cinema in Brazil) for Diafilmes. Each of the booklets features a distinctive content created by the artist. These publications were made on the occasion of the VI Pampulha Grant, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Construir um farol e levá-lo a montanha

(Build a lighthouse and take you to the mountain)

2015. Printed publication


Publication from the Ronda - Part 1 project in collaboration with the artist Flora Leite.


Uma documentação em 36 fotogramas

(A Documentation in 36 frames)

2014. Printed publication. 10.5x15cm


The publication A documentation in 36 frames is one of the works that composes an essay about the image within the universe of photography developed in the occasion of the residence of JACA - Center of Art and Technology in partnership with the Foundation Clóvis Salgado, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Convivência #6

2012. Printed publication.


Publication edited by the artists from the sixth edition of the Ateliê Aberto, program offered by Casa Tomada, in São Paulo, Brazil.


5 1/2 - Sobre o tempo

2017. Printed publication.

Catalog produced by JACA - Center of Art and Technology, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Part of the catalog includes the edition of the JACA Praça 7, the international residence program held in 2015.


Bolsa Pampulha 15/16

2017. Printed publication.


Catalog produced by the Pampulha's Art Museum on the occasion of the VI Pampulha's Grant.

O que caminha ao lado

2015. Printed publication.


Catalog produced to the ocassion of the exhibition "O que caminha ao lado", curated by Isabella Rjeille, at SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil.


IV Prêmio Di​ário Contemporâneo de Fotografia - Cultura Natureza

2013. Printed publication.


Catalog from the grant IV Prêmio Di​ário Contemporâneo de Fotografia - Cultura Natureza, Belém, Pará, Brazil.






Catálogo do programa de fotografia 2012/2013

2013. Printed publication.


Catalog produced by the Centro Cultural São Paulo in the ocassion of  the Programa de Fotografia 2012/2013, at CCSP, São Paulo, Brazil.

Espaços da cor

2011. Printed publication.


Catalog produced by the Grupo de Pesquisas Cromáticas (CAP/ECA/USP - Research Group) to the exhibition Espaços da Cor at Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil.