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2015. Slide projection. 130x87cm.

This work it is an investigation about the relationship of copies and doubles. From a single image (the picture of a mirror that nothing seems to reflect, only its through) it was planed a series of actions to be projected. The work, which deals with the investigation of how to reproduce a single slide in many others, has three distinct movements. The first movement includes eighty chromes continuously projected that seems to be always the same image. The second movement it’s the projection of a single slide in black and white, but due to deterioration and the fact that it was replicated in a positive color film, starts to earn color during the days. Finally, the third movement, it’s the projection of all residual process material to obtain the best slide duplication system. In the hole process it’s present different reproduction techniques: shooting photographic copies on paper; shooting other projections; exposure films through direct contact etc. which sometimes keeps the image, and sometimes only destroy the matrix information. In its last exhibition, the work lasted about 90 days, 30 days for each movement.

Photos: Exhibition documentation. “O que caminha ao lado”, curated by Isabella Rjeille. SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil.  August- November, 2015.

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